Jakers Jack O Lanterns Patch

Cutest Cousins!(Just a little bug hanging out on Clark’s Beanie)

Oh how I LOVE October! I remember coming to this same exact pumpkin patch when I was pregnant, and now I can’t believe I’m here with my baby! You can read that HERE.  I love that Luke was able to come and enjoy this with us too, it has been so hard having him go out of town every week, so activities like these I cherish! I know this won’t be the last pumpkin patch we will be at this month and I have so many things planned! You can just say this month gets me so giddy! Thank you for stopping by!

A Must Have

              Today I’m sharing why I love my Vauva Diaper bag/ Backpack. There is so many times when my arms are FULL! Clark on one hand… groceries on the other, craziness! I always wanted a backpack diaper bag that is small( not huge because I don’t want more weight then I already have) that I can fit all my needs and still look stylish.  It comes with this cute organizer where I can store all of Clark’s necessities and still have them organized instead of digging in my diaper bag to find that ONE thing and notice I have taken everything out! Anyone has gone through this?! Check out their diaper bag HERE and get 25% off by using KAREN for your own! Trust me your sanity will thank you!

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Smores with Gathre

 Last week Luke surprised me with patio chairs and a fire pit for our balcony! We have been using it every night enjoying the view and fire. So when my sister and dad arrived this week  I was so excited to plan a smore’s night with them! We stayed up eating probably WAY too many smore’s and having long conversations about life. There is just something about having your loved ones in the same house that makes it so fun! I also have to talk about my new life saver which is my Gathre Mat, I use it every day, and every where I go! I love that it is so easy to clean (literally before I had this I would dread giving Clark any finger foods because it was a HUGE mess I end up cleaning the whole floor) . I love that it is so easy to fold and take anywhere! It has been my go to anytime clark has food! Use KAREN15 for 15% off for any mat of your choice! I  hope everyone had a great Pioneer Day!

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Morning Shake

Happy Monday! I had some questions about my morning shake and how I stay in shape! I remember when I was pregnant I would always say to Luke UGH I cant wait to work out! I just want to have my old body back.  Then, Clark came..  and I did NOT want to work out I just wanted to hibernate in my room. Especially because it was DECEMBER and it was freezing!! I would occasionally do some 15min work outs on youtube and I would only do it once a week haha! I was terrible.  In the middle of March I was determined to get my body back, I would seriously be so sad looking in the mirror being not happy with what I saw.  I did some research on Apps on work outs  that I could do at home since I did not want to leave Clark. I found this app called Kayla Fitness (SWEAT) it is a BBG Program that helps you get into shape, meal plans, and the best thing is you get to do it at your own pace!! I’ve seen a lot of changes since I have started, and I also feel GREAT through out the day! After I work out, I always have a shake. Here is the recipe on my morning shake! Enjoy!

  1.            Put a couple of Ice cubes so your shake is nice and cold after a hard work out
  2.                   8oz of  Almond Milk
  3.                   Half a cup of oats
  4.                   Half of a Banana, but you can do a full one if you like
  5.            1 tsp of Chia Seeds
  6.          2 scoops of  PB fit 
  7.                  Half a scoop of Whey Protein  (I have the chocolate flavor)

I love to get these in bulk because they literally last me Forever!

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Who is excited for 4th of July!?

Blouse: Madewell // Jeans: H&M // Boots: Frye

Skirt: Nordstrom// Shirt: Called to Surf( Old) Similar HERE // Boots: Frye

T-shirt: Madewell// Shorts: H&M // Shoes: Converse

Clarks Outfit:Peeks// Shoes: Freshly Picked

Hi everyone! Here are some looks that can help you decide what to wear for the 4th of July! I’m so excited to celebrate the birthday of America, listen to country, yummy food, and fireworks! What are your plans!?

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Easter Sunday

I LOVE Easter Sunday, I might love it more than Christmas.. maybe.. 😉 On Easter Sunday I wake up early to hide all of the eggs for the our traditional egg hunt. I have done it since we got married you can read that HERE and HERE, now that we have Clark I get so giddy getting fun treats for both of them. This day always reminds me that because of him I get to be with my family for eternity.

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Weekend Outfit


Dress: Stevie// Sandals: Steve Madden// Booties: Steve Madden 

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend! This is the outfit I wore on Saturday for a night out with Clark while Luke went to priesthood session with his boys. This dress is perfect for a casual day or a night out. Head over to Shop Stevie and get 15% off by using Code “pretty” , they have the cutest clothes, shoes, and accessories! Your closet will thank you!

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Sleeping with Halo…

sleepingwithhalo11sleep with halo3sleepwithhalo4sleepingwithhalo6sleepingwithhalo12sleepingwithhalo9sleepingwithhalo5sleepingwithhalo7sleepingwithhalo10

Bassinet: HALO// Blanket: Lou Lou & Company// Clarks onesie: KicKee Pants// Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing about sleeping with “Halo”. Time is going by SO fast that Clark is starting to sleep in his own room now! But before I put my Halo away.. I want to tell you how much I LOVED it!! I feel like its so essential if you are about to have a baby! Before Clark started sleeping through the night this saved me! It was so easy to get him, breastfeed him and put him right back down without even getting out of bed. It swirls around wherever you would like it to be; over the bed, right next to you, so on. I also enjoyed peeking through the halo and being able to see my baby’s face and making sure that he was breathing! Trust me coming home with a newborn any noise he would make I would get right up to make sure he was sleeping soundly. The Halo is to make the moms life easier and It definitely did for me! If you have any more questions about some essentials you need to get for your baby just email me! I would love to help!

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