Easter Sunday

I LOVE Easter Sunday, I might love it more than Christmas.. maybe.. 😉 On Easter Sunday I wake up early to hide all of the eggs for the our traditional egg hunt. I have done it since we got married you can read that HERE and HERE, now that we have Clark I get so giddy getting fun treats for both of them. This day always reminds me that because of him I get to be with my family for eternity.

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Weekend Outfit


Dress: Stevie// Sandals: Steve Madden// Booties: Steve Madden 

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend! This is the outfit I wore on Saturday for a night out with Clark while Luke went to priesthood session with his boys. This dress is perfect for a casual day or a night out. Head over to Shop Stevie and get 15% off by using Code “pretty” , they have the cutest clothes, shoes, and accessories! Your closet will thank you!

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Sleeping with Halo…

sleepingwithhalo11sleep with halo3sleepwithhalo4sleepingwithhalo6sleepingwithhalo12sleepingwithhalo9sleepingwithhalo5sleepingwithhalo7sleepingwithhalo10

Bassinet: HALO// Blanket: Lou Lou & Company// Clarks onesie: KicKee Pants// Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing about sleeping with “Halo”. Time is going by SO fast that Clark is starting to sleep in his own room now! But before I put my Halo away.. I want to tell you how much I LOVED it!! I feel like its so essential if you are about to have a baby! Before Clark started sleeping through the night this saved me! It was so easy to get him, breastfeed him and put him right back down without even getting out of bed. It swirls around wherever you would like it to be; over the bed, right next to you, so on. I also enjoyed peeking through the halo and being able to see my baby’s face and making sure that he was breathing! Trust me coming home with a newborn any noise he would make I would get right up to make sure he was sleeping soundly. The Halo is to make the moms life easier and It definitely did for me! If you have any more questions about some essentials you need to get for your baby just email me! I would love to help!

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blessed3blessed4blessed1blessed6blessed11Sweet Tooth Fairy was SO good!blessed12blessed10blessed8blessed13Clark’s Cousins loving the stairs!


Clarks Outfit: Monica&Andy

On Sunday January 1st, Luke blessed our sweet baby Clark. This day was filled with so much love, and I’m so blessed I have a worthy priesthood holder in my home. I know I keep saying I’m blessed lately but its just because I really am! Im just on cloud nine. We were filled love from family and friends. Thank you for everyone that came to share Clarks special day.

Highlights of 2016

I cant believe the year is over! It was definitely one of the greatest years. I would have to say the highlight was having my son Clark. I love being a mom and I literally just stare at him all day and just cuddle with him all day. It’s the BEST! The year has zoomed by and I’m just so thankful for all the experiences this year! My life has changed so much this year but I can’t wait for the coming year!

Here are some highlights of 2016:
clarkdaybest feeling ever when we became a family of three.

clarklukeblog clarklukedayblogWhen we moved in our new house, still obsessed with our view!
dbc32e81-d53e-4929-a6aa-aca87eb1e433Paddle boarding with my little sister right outside my backyard!img_1676img_2034Vacations are so much fun with the ones you love!!fullsizerenderclarkday3First Christmas with Clark.

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Pumpkin Patch

pumpkinpatch20pumpkinpatch17pumpkinpatch18pumpkinpatch8pumpkinpatch3pumpkinpatch6pumpkinpatch7pumpkinpatch2pumpkin-patchpumpkinpatch25pumpkinpatch14pumpkinpatch13The cutest maze for kids, I just loved how I could only see the top of Ace’s head! lol he kept following his big brother around everywhere so he wouldn’t get lost!pumpkinpatch15

Ford just loves watching his cousins!pumpkinpatch26Seton kept saying “CHEEEEEESE CHEESSEEEE”until all the babies would smile, he is so patient 🙂pumpkinpatch21pumpkinpatch23pumpkinpatch22pumpkin-patch31We picked our own pumpkins, we were obsessed with the small white pumpkins!pumpkinpatch29

Oh my gosh is it really October!?? where did the time go!? This is for sure my favorite time of the year! FALL! Pumpkin Candles, Pumpkin Patches, Harry Potter Marathon, Carving pumpkins, layers of clothes, leaves changing, HALLOWEEN…I could go on forever!! My sister in laws and I planned to head over to the pumpkin patch that is close to our houses and take all the kids for some fun! I love going to family events like this….it makes me so excited when my little baby will get to go and play with his cousins as well! Only 8 more weeks to go! I got this…

What are your favorite October traditions??



Dress: Nordstrom( SO Comfy)//  Shoes: Marc Fisher

Hi Everyone! Life has been crazy to say the least, last Friday it was my last day at work as the Executive Assistant at the Grand America! It was such a great experience but I’m so excited for this new adventure to be a stay home mom. Right now we are getting ready to move to our new home on October first and I’m SO excited because I just want to have everything organized before this baby boy comes!  I’m 29 weeks this week and I feel like its going by so fast, I have nothing done… ah! I hope I’m not the only mom that feels like this right!? Luke and I started our birthing classes and getting our plan to go to the hospital. I hope that we are prepared! Any advice on what I should be packing to the hospital!?

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20 weeks

week20week20...babyweek20.BABYweek20..babyweek20Blouse:Nordstrom  // Jeans: Nordstrom on sale!! // Sandals: JCREW (sold out, similar style Here) // Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, life has been so busy that its hard sometimes blogging! We have been out of town to Vegas, California, Arizona and have been having so much fun! Sometimes I love to just live in the moment and forget about pictures and blogging. You know what I mean?? Anyways I’m happy to announce that I’m halfway through my pregnancy! woot woot! We just went and got our check up and the baby is very healthy and everything looks normal. Such a blessing!! Lately, I have been craving a lot of sushi!! don’t worry only the fried sushi for now… ;)….popcorn. I don’t have too many cravings, but Luke is the sweetest and just deals with anything I crave. My clothes are getting a little snug now but I’m still not ready to wear maternity clothes!! I know,I know, they aren’t that bad but for now I’m just gonna suck it in!

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Baby Day

baby announcement2baby announcementbaby announcment3baby annoucment5baby annoucement 6Dress: Roxy

Luke and I are so excited to announce there is a baby on the way!! I sometimes still have to pinch myself that a little angel is growing inside me. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have always wanted to be a mom and now I’m so blessed that I get to be one.

When I found out I was pregnant I was SO surprised because it literally happened so fast! Luke and I always talked about when we should start a family and a little after my birthday we started trying. I got pregnant that month! I took my pregnancy test and sure enough there was a big plus sign! I was jumping up and down, showed Luke and we were so happy. My pregnancy so far has been great. Of course, I had Morning sickness but right after I threw up in the morning I felt so much better and just would go to work. I feel so blessed to have had such a great pregnancy so far, fingers crossed! Next week we will be finding out if we are having a girl or boy, I cannot wait!

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