Friday, September 24, 2010

This weekend

This weekend, I have what some may call a merging of worlds; a collision of several of my favorite things, all rolled into one!  To illustrate, I created a Venn Diagram.

Yes!  As of just a few days ago, I am traveling to New York for the weekend to help out with the Terry College Alumni Chick-fil-A picnic in Central Park.  I attended this event last year as a guest...

...and this year I will likely be attending as a cow.  :)

See you tonight, New York!  Eat Mor Chikin.  Go Dawgs.


  1. HOORAY!!!! Jamie + NYC + Cows!!! Love it!

  2. i'm glad you created a venn diagram. and have fun being a cow! and don't forget the "stop and stare" move in the cow handbook- i championed that move ;)

  3. haha how did it go!? WERE you the cow?? so fun!