Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My friend Hannah!*

My first two years in New York, I lived in an Upper East Side apartment that I affectionately called, "The Shoebox."  It was 350 square feet, I shared it with one roommate, my bedroom had a twin bed and a dresser, and one time we opened up our pull-out couch and the foot of the bed touched the opposite wall, barricading Leslie in her bedroom, and we never did that again.

But my second two years in New York were a different story.  I moved in with Hannah, Lindsay Ann and Emily into a, well, huge apartment on the Upper West Side.  When we signed our lease, it was being gut renovated, but we had a vision for a lovely home.  Specifically, roommate Hannah had a vision.

Now, three years later, Apt 9A looks better than ever.  Hannah is flourishing in her design work - she writes the most adorable blog, she was featured on HGTV's "First Time Design," she's got real clients, and now she and our her apartment is featured in Time Out New York.

Photographs: Susanna Blavarg

Some of my best New York memories took place in that apartment.  Monday night Bible study. Dinner parties.  Cocktail parties.  (Really, parties of any type.)  Bagels and reality TV with the roommates.  Now, roommates have moved out, new roommates have moved in, but the charm of this home remains the same.  I love this apartment.  And even more so, I love Hannah and her spunk and style!

Follow Hannah at hannahkateflora.com
* She's a rockstar.


  1. jamie!!!!! you're so cute.
    I can't even stand it.

    you will always be a resident of 9A :)
    love you!

  2. I found Hannah's blog through yours a few weeks ago and I AM OBSESSED! The street merch transformations are incredible. I feel ya on the 350 sq footer (that's what we are in now). So looking forward to moving and decorating for real!