Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I'll try not to be too sappy, but yesterday was Valentine's Day.  And I spent it with my valentine!

He sent me flowers at work.

He made me Valentine's Day CD with everything from James Taylor to Nelly, Taylor Swift to Chicago.  We sang "You're the Inspiration" really loud in the car.  He drove away with the CD still in his car at the end of the night and turned around and brought it back five minutes after he left, just because I'd said I was excited to listen to it while I drove to work the next day.

He took me to dinner at Pura Vida, where we ate all kinds of delicious tapas and I got the sweetest card.  I did not set anything on our table on fire.

We went home and watched The Office Valentine's Day episode, "PDA."  We laughed a lot.

I've always liked Valentine's Day.  But I really liked Valentine's Day with this handsome fellow.  :)

(Thanks for indulging my sappiness.  I just couldn't help myself.)


  1. Adorbs! Cheers to GOOD Valentine's Days =)

  2. happy to indulge your sappiness. but can i please also comment on your fab long hair?!?