Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Trip to the Promised Land

A couple weekends ago, Jayson and I went to Athens.  He had never been before, so it was the perfect place for a little Saturday trip.  It was beautiful weather, we had a soundtrack of REM and Widespread Panic music for the drive down 316, and I embarked on my mission to convert him into a UGA fan.

I took him to the AOII house and showed him where Anna and I lived our senior year.  I also discovered that the Five Points Jittery Joes closed, and I was very close to shedding a tear.

We drove around campus.  I showed him the riveting-yet-bizarre Tree That Owns Itself.  Then we walked through downtown, walked under the Arch (just because, now that I've graduated, I can), and walked all around North Campus.  I did all I could to fill Jayson's brain with facts on the chapel bell and Herty Field and Old College and everything else I knew from my Georgia Recruitment Team days.

We made our way down to Sanford Stadium and the bookstore, which is really where I went full-force into, "I'm going to make you fall in love with this school" mode.  Tales of games Between the Hedges, a humming reenactment of the trumpeter playing "Glory, Glory" before the game, vivid descriptions of Southern tailgates.  Ahh...there is nothing like a fall Saturday in Athens!

Jayson voluntarily bought a little UGA souvenir at the bookstore.  I think he's cracking.

We finished the day with a walk downtown to Last Resort, where we talked about favorite college experiences, ate a delicious meal and shared a great bottle of wine.  Also, I set our bread basket on fire.

There's a t-shirt somewhere that says, "They say if you live a good life, when you die you go to Athens."  While I'm pretty confident that's theologically inaccurate, the sentiment is true.  I loved my time at Georgia and love Athens dearly was so special to share it with Jayson!

Go Dawgs!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

That God knows all

Yesterday, Matt Chandler tweeted this time lapse video of New York City, along with the comment,

"That God knows all that is going on in this and is governing and directing it is mind bending."

I love this video.  I love this city.  And I love the truth that Matt shared.  He who watches over Israel and neither slumbers nor sleeps (Ps. 121:4) also watches over the city that never sleeps.  He knows the number of hairs on every one of the 8 million New Yorkers' heads.  He's counted their every tear and stored them in a bottle.  He rejoices over them with singing.  And he determines their every step.  It's incomprehensible.