Pumpkin Patch

pumpkinpatch20pumpkinpatch17pumpkinpatch18pumpkinpatch8pumpkinpatch3pumpkinpatch6pumpkinpatch7pumpkinpatch2pumpkin-patchpumpkinpatch25pumpkinpatch14pumpkinpatch13The cutest maze for kids, I just loved how I could only see the top of Ace’s head! lol he kept following his big brother around everywhere so he wouldn’t get lost!pumpkinpatch15

Ford just loves watching his cousins!pumpkinpatch26Seton kept saying “CHEEEEEESE CHEESSEEEE”until all the babies would smile, he is so patient 🙂pumpkinpatch21pumpkinpatch23pumpkinpatch22pumpkin-patch31We picked our own pumpkins, we were obsessed with the small white pumpkins!pumpkinpatch29

Oh my gosh is it really October!?? where did the time go!? This is for sure my favorite time of the year! FALL! Pumpkin Candles, Pumpkin Patches, Harry Potter Marathon, Carving pumpkins, layers of clothes, leaves changing, HALLOWEEN…I could go on forever!! My sister in laws and I planned to head over to the pumpkin patch that is close to our houses and take all the kids for some fun! I love going to family events like this….it makes me so excited when my little baby will get to go and play with his cousins as well! Only 8 more weeks to go! I got this…

What are your favorite October traditions??