Sleeping with Halo…

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Bassinet: HALO// Blanket: Lou Lou & Company// Clarks onesie: KicKee Pants// Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing about sleeping with “Halo”. Time is going by SO fast that Clark is starting to sleep in his own room now! But before I put my Halo away.. I want to tell you how much I LOVED it!! I feel like its so essential if you are about to have a baby! Before Clark started sleeping through the night this saved me! It was so easy to get him, breastfeed him and put him right back down without even getting out of bed. It swirls around wherever you would like it to be; over the bed, right next to you, so on. I also enjoyed peeking through the halo and being able to see my baby’s face and making sure that he was breathing! Trust me coming home with a newborn any noise he would make I would get right up to make sure he was sleeping soundly. The Halo is to make the moms life easier and It definitely did for me! If you have any more questions about some essentials you need to get for your baby just email me! I would love to help!

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