Morning Shake

Happy Monday! I had some questions about my morning shake and how I stay in shape! I remember when I was pregnant I would always say to Luke UGH I cant wait to work out! I just want to have my old body back.  Then, Clark came..  and I did NOT want to work out I just wanted to hibernate in my room. Especially because it was DECEMBER and it was freezing!! I would occasionally do some 15min work outs on youtube and I would only do it once a week haha! I was terrible.  In the middle of March I was determined to get my body back, I would seriously be so sad looking in the mirror being not happy with what I saw.  I did some research on Apps on work outs  that I could do at home since I did not want to leave Clark. I found this app called Kayla Fitness (SWEAT) it is a BBG Program that helps you get into shape, meal plans, and the best thing is you get to do it at your own pace!! I’ve seen a lot of changes since I have started, and I also feel GREAT through out the day! After I work out, I always have a shake. Here is the recipe on my morning shake! Enjoy!

  1.            Put a couple of Ice cubes so your shake is nice and cold after a hard work out
  2.                   8oz of  Almond Milk
  3.                   Half a cup of oats
  4.                   Half of a Banana, but you can do a full one if you like
  5.            1 tsp of Chia Seeds
  6.          2 scoops of  PB fit 
  7.                  Half a scoop of Whey Protein  (I have the chocolate flavor)

I love to get these in bulk because they literally last me Forever!

Thank you for stopping by! If you have any questions don’t be hesitate to ask!

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